Hey Dude Shoes Men's Wally Tri Nylon Trailhead Navy - 40172-410

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Hey Dude Shoes Men's Wally Tri Nylon Trailhead Navy - 40172-410

Step into the Wally Tri Nylon Trailhead and embark on your journey silently – even the mountain goats won't detect your approach. Only the hawks will echo your presence, heralding the arrival of the true monarch of the mountains. Equip yourself with the confidence that resonates from the durable nylon upper, secured by elasticated laces and simplified lacing for a seamless experience.

This trail companion is not just your footwear; it's a proclamation to all hikers that the sovereign of the summit is on the ascent. The ease of travel is stitched into its very fabric, ready to accompany you on every adventure. When the trail tells your story, let it speak of a footwear companion that's easy to wash and rejuvenate for the next day's conquest.

Immerse your feet in comfort with the removable foam insole, a sanctuary for weary soles that's not only supportive but also washable for sustained freshness. As you ascend, feel the liberation of a lightweight and flexible sole, ensuring nimbleness in every step. The Wally Tri Nylon Trailhead isn't just a shoe; it's the ode to conquering heights with style and functionality.

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